FIATA Digital Strategy

Towards seamless data exchange across the industry

In the global supply chain, freight forwarders own and control much more data than airlines or shipping lines do. Yet, they are currently struggling to communicate and connect with their partners who aren’t necessarily using the same transport management system (TMS). The lack of interoperability between systems and inconsistency in data quality and data standards is a real challenge for the freight forwarding industry.

The digitalisation of the supply chain is an industrywide challenge, where collaboration between all stakeholders is critical. FIATA is committed to playing its role, representing the interests of freight forwarders by leading projects that will help them embrace the digital world and ensure they stay operationally up to date with new business models.

FIATA Digital Strategy

FIATA’s digital strategy will allow its members to exchange secured and authenticated data, access/use/sign up-to-date FIATA standard trade data/documents, and leverage industry intelligence through their everyday tools (TMS and other software). ​

The strategy focuses on four main axes:

1. Creating a network of trust: defining a digital identity format and registry, which will allow freight forwarders to exchange authenticated and secured data.

2. Enforcing the usage of standards:

  • making FIATA digital standard templates available through TMS and other relevant logistics platforms, in a controlled way;
  • allowing freight forwarders to digitally sign documents so that the issuer of the document can be easily identified by their partners.

3. Facilitating interoperability: connecting existing software platforms through the definition of a data exchange model and API specifications

4. Promoting business intelligence: ensuring FIATA members keep control over their data and can easily collect and analyse data from software suppliers to optimise their business.


Get involved

FIATA is taking a collaborative approach to implement its digital strategy, involving members, experts from other international organisations, neutral technological experts and software providers, in different working groups.


For more information on FIATA’s digital strategy or to get involved, please see the frequently asked questions or contact FIATA's Digital Projects Officer at